Cotton Body & Cotton Sleeves (Soft)

Cotton Body & Cotton Sleeves (Soft)

Regular price AED 380.00 Discounts available for group orders!

The soft cotton varsity jacket is just like a normal cotton jacket with varsity style buttons, pockets, and patches. Price including delivery anywhere in the world! (minimum order is 10 jackets). 

This jacket is FULLY customisable! Meaning you can add any badge/patch you want, and change the colours of the jacket to your liking! You can change the colors of the buttons, pocket, sleeves, inside jacket lining, stripes, body + more!

Have specific patches? we can make them! Just send us an image of your school/team logo and we can make a patch of that and stitch it to the jacket! Want each person to have their name in embroidery or patch on the back of the jacket? its possible!

Ready to order your custom varsity jacket? The first step is to contact us through chat and your customer support rep will take care of your order, from customized design to sizing and everything in between.

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Need help finding the best senior letterman jacket design ideas and inspiration? check out some of our custom varsity jacket designs and get inspired.


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With Senior Jackets, you can order as low as 4 jackets! The more jackets you order, the lower the price.

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