Taking Care of Your Custom Letterman Jacket

Taking Care of Your Custom Letterman Jacket

A Senior jacket is a piece of clothing that you need to take care of. To safely protect your letterman jacket, please follow these steps as a varsity jacket is produced with different materials, such as leather, cotton, and wool. The following steps will help you take good care of your high school senior jacket:

1. Turn the jacket inside out

Turning the jacket inside out will protect the leather sleeves when washing.

2. It is preferred to wash the jacket by hand in cold water

Hot water causes varsity style jackets to shrink and will stick to each other once it dries.

3. Lay the jacket out flat to air dry or let the jacket dry on a hanger in the sunlight

Air Drying will help the jacket take its original shape.

4. Hang the jacket upright to protect it from folds.

You can also refer to a laundry place to clean it for you professionally.

Do not attempt the following with your Jacket:

1. Store in a hot place 
2. Wash the Jacket in a washing machine
3. Wash the jacket with hot water 
4. Fold the Jacket
5. Machine dry the jacket 

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